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iPhone Tricks

In recent light of the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s models, we here at TechFarmer have decided to show you some of our favorite iPhone tips and tricks to help make your mobile experience much more helpful. Check out five of the coolest iPhone tricks below.

#1 – Using Twitter With Siri

iPhone Tip 1Did you know Siri can actually tweet for you? It’s true! Keep in mind that Siri is only available for the iPhone 4s and later models. First, make sure that your phone number is connected with your Twitter account ( > Settings > Mobile). Then, press and hold the Home button at the bottom of your iPhone so Siri will appear. Now, you have a multitude of options for using Twitter like following or unfollowing a particular username, turning on or off Tweet notifications, or even retweet, favorite or direct message other users. To send a tweet from Siri, add a contact in your phone that has the name “Twitter” and the number “40404,” which is the international number for texting to Twitter. Then, once Siri is on, say, “Send text message to Twitter.” The display seen in this image will appear, giving you the opportunity to dictate your tweet and send it from Siri. (Image by Simon Hill from

#2 – Snap Photos From Lock Screen

iPhone Tip 2That’s right, if you need to take a picture in a moment’s notice, you can pull up the camera right from the lock screen on phones with iOS version 6.0 or higher. In the lock screen, you will see a camera icon next to the “slide to unlock” swiper. Swipe that icon up, and there’s your camera to use at will. Also, you can take a screenshot of your phone at any time by simultaneously holding down the home button on the bottom and the power button on the top, then releasing quickly. The screenshot will then deposit directly into your ‘Photos’ app. On the iPhone 5 and up models, you can take a 360 degree panorama photo using the camera, as seen in this image. (Image by Simon Hill from

iPhone Tip 3

#3 – Get Directions To/From Anywhere

It’s easy with the iOS 6 Maps app to find a place on your map and get directions to it almost instantly. Simply touch and hold down on the place on your map you want to get to. A pin will drop on that spot and offer you directions to or from that particular location along with a satellite view. It’s super easy, and if you don’t want to use the Apple Maps app (seen in the image), the free Google Maps app for iPhone has the same functionality built in for acquiring simple directions. (Image by Mark Hattersley from

#4 – Easy Backup Solution

iPhone Tip 4If you want to get one of the fancy newer models of the iPhone and still want to keep all of your contacts, apps, data and settings from your old phone, Apple makes it easy to backup and restore your iPhone using iTunes. When you plug your iPhone into your computer, right click on your device in iTunes and click “Backup.” When you get your new phone, plug it in, right click, and choose “Restore from backup,” and all of your previous settings and data will be on your new iPhone. For iOS versions 5.0 or higher, you can also use Apple’s iCloud to backup your settings and data right from your phone (Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, as seen in the image). You’ll need a wireless internet connection to do this, and it will most likely take longer than backing up using iTunes. (Image by Simon Hill from

iPhone Tip 5

#5 – Social Media Made Easy

For iPhones that have iOS 6 or higher, using social media has never been easier. Make sure your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts have been set up with your phone (account information all correctly inputted in Settings). This will allow you to import your Facebook and Twitter contacts into your iPhone and pull event data from Facebook to your iPhone’s Calender. This will make social media a more integrated aspect of your everyday life! (Image by Joel Matira from


Google Dashboard and Password Security

2013 08 01 Google DashboardThis week’s blog is going to cover two very important things. First, we would like to introduce you to Google Dashboard and second, we would like to remind everyone about the importance of strong and complex passwords. So, let’s get started!  Google has a very interesting tool that you should check out called Google Dashboard. This is a where Google gathers information about you and everything that you do. If at some point in time you have authorized Google to collect data on you (knowingly or unknowingly) you will be able to access this dashboard and see all of your activity on the web. Think of this as a personal activity log that is automatically populated. The data is only collected if you are signed into a Google service, such as staying signed into email and browsing the web at the same time. This service tracks the locations that you’ve signed into your account from, the browser that you were using, the YouTube videos that you’ve watched, the locations that you’ve searched for on Google Maps, the calls that you’ve made with Google Voice, chat logs, and of course, all of your search and browsing history.

Once again, in order for that data to be tracked, you must be signed into your account as well as authorize Google to do it and you can turn it off. There are multiple ways that you can use this data to your advantage and track what you do on the internet. While the service is kind of neat due to the huge amount of data that it provides, it can also pose a security threat. Here at TechFarmer, your digital security is very important to us. We constantly write blogs andnewsletters to remind people about the importance of complex passwords and the importance of keeping the passwords hidden and not written down on a sticky note. Why are we talking about passwords right now when the blog is about Google Dashboard? Because if someone gets a hold of your username and password and your account activity is tracking this data, what can be done with your personal data is endless. Keep yourself safe and prevent account hacking by following one simple rule, create a long complex password that you can remember and change it as often as possible. Contact TechFarmer with any questions that you may have about keeping your data secure, we will gladly answer them!

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