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Vendor Arbitration & Mediation Services

TechFarmer offers experienced Denver mediation and arbitration services. In evaluating your disputed business situation, this service may prevent you from incurring the expense and time involved in taking your case to a court of law. It is often true that both parties involved in a dispute are dissatisfied with only certain aspects of a situation, with most instances being due to missed expectations or unrealistic goals.

Our Denver-based mediation services are designed to assist vendors with legal advice about how to settle a dispute and the process involved in an arbitration hearing. Our approach is to provide arbitration services that offer a completely independent, unbiased resolution so that you do not need to take legal action. Our goal is to present the facts according to law and to resolve your issues so that you can continue to focus on your business operations.

How Mediation/Arbiration Works

TechFarmer will get involved as a third-party mediator, and we will gather and evaluate the necessary information to settle your dispute. Once this happens, we come together in an arbitration hearing so that both parties receive the opportunity to voice their concerns as well as what they believe to be the problem. We weigh both sides of every situation in order to offer a solution or a compromise that ensures both parties are satisfied.

With our affordable mediation and arbitration services, our goal is to resolve disputes between two or more parties, help you reach an agreement, and negotiate a fair settlement. Our structure, timeline, and process offer an optimum solution compared with that of an ordinary negotiation. Based on the law, our process is private and confidential, and we merely facilitate the process for you. We have experienced legal advisors who are trained to open dialogue between disputants and ultimately succeed in a satisfactory settlement for all parties involved.

Why Mediation is Good for Business

Our excellent mediation/arbitration services depend on the expert skills and training of our legal advisors. These trained professionals at TechFarmer work with your company to resolve business disputes, which results in these benefits to your business:
  • Lower fees, thanks to avoiding expensive attornies and court costs
  • Less time involved, possibly hours instead of days, months, or years in court
  • Complete confidentiality compared with public court hearings
  • Control between the parties to resolve an issue versus the involvement of a judge/jury
  • A high level of compliance in parties working together toward resolution, without a lawyer
  • Retaining professional relationships by parties who want to resolve their issues
  • High level of support from a neutral mediator

We make every effort to resolve issues out of court. We review the evidence, listen to both parties, and then make decisions that will lead to mutually-beneficial resolution. Our process is less formal and less expensive than a courtroom hearing, and it is often the solution to your disputed business situation.

What we Can do For You

Techfarmer's mediation and arbitration services are a smart alternative to expensive and time-consuming legal affairs. Our trained legal consultants are standing by to provide advice on how to settle a dispute, with attention to the detail of the law, and with the care and concern for the success and continuity of your business.

Contact TechFarmer today to see how we can save you headache and hassle. (We also offer world-class IT advisory, network design, disastery recovery services, and just about anything else IT-related)

Contact TechFarmer today for an INITIAL CONSULTATION about mediation and arbitration services, 720.222.5015

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