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TechFarmer can efficiently plan, install and optimize every aspect of information technology that makes up your organization’s day-to-day. We implement procedures to ensure that problems are resolved in a reasonable timeframe, at a reasonable cost, and with the least amount of downtime. Once your business is online and in maintenance mode, we streamline IT management procedures for the best overall cost model while still providing the highest level of technical expertise and customer service.

Below is a list of many IT-related services we offer to businesses located in and around Denver. Click on a link below to find out more about each service, or contact us today for more information and to schedule a FREE initial consultation.

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IT Advisory
TechFarmer works with existing IT and IS infrastructures to provide specific solutions or guidance for your organization. We have the skills and expertise to provide a total information solution for your business. In some cases, companies just need another set of eyes, ears and experiences to analyze their existing ideas for their environments. Keeping employees up-to-date on current and existing technologies can be a difficult challenge. TechFarmer can provide a set of hands, and experience that is invaluable to organizations going through huge migrations or installations of new or upgraded technologies.

Let TechFarmer design your new environment, design the migration of an existing environment, or design integration pieces with your existing environment. Let us perform the implementation with our staff, or let us assist and train your staff for the implementation. Without the proper planning, skills, and technical expertise, integration into existing environments and technologies can leave you in a disastrous state. Let us ensure that all of your integration needs are met before a project is even started. We want all of your IT projects to succeed. We will minimize downtime, and if substantial downtime is needed, it will be scheduled during hours with the least impact to your business. All in all, IT should not become a hindrance to your organization. It is a tool for you to succeed in the marketplace and remain competitive. We can ensure that this happens.
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LAN and WAN technologies
TechFarmer has extensive knowledge of LAN and WAN technologies. This encompasses a wide range of network infrastructure including hubs, switches, routers, firewalls, and cabling. Whether you are connecting five computers, a wireless link or bridge to a remote location, or thousands of computers across multiple sites, we can take care of it. You can rely on TechFarmer's creative networking solutions for your organization.
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Virtual environments are everywhere.  Simply put, virtualization is the existence of something that really doesn't exist.  Confused?  Imagine having a laptop that does not house or store an operating system on it.  Imagine using a MAC and running applications only developed for a windows environment that can now run on a MAC with no problems.  Imagine being able to manage servers and workstations in a fraction of the time that is currently being spent.  Imagine consolidation of server environments into cleaner and more effective delivery platforms in a fraction of time.  Imagine recovery in real-time.  Virtualization allows for you to spend less money for hardware and services that become black holes of productivity. 
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Cloud Computing
"In the cloud!" or "To the cloud" we go.  This is primarily a change of a marketing term.  However it is of great importance.  Anything that can be launched, installed to, or housed and accessed from anywhere in the world where you have "connectivity" can be lumped into cloud computing.  Web services and email systems are a part of this, but imagine if you have an application that requires security, contains very sensitive information as well as business processes and workflow.  In the past, delivering that application outside of your "four walls" to your remote and virtual workers required confusing processes and was very expensive.  With advancements in these technologies, you can now deliver business critical applications effectively, securely, and competitively.   This is becoming a must for many businesses.   TechFarmer has been providing application delivery and delivery from the Cloud for over 15 years.  We were doing this before it was ever "cool" to do so.
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We all participate in a "connected" world.  This makes us more productive, effective, and allows us to work and play from anywhere in the world.  We are converging to a world of mobility where again, it does not matter how you are mobile, just that you are and you can perform your work function from anywhere, anytime.  We have access to information at lightening speeds at our fingertips.  This is no longer a luxury, it is commonplace.  Let us show you how to leverage mobility solutions to become more productive and effective.

Being able to work from any location at any time is not just a luxury anymore. It has become a necessity for a business to remain competitive while providing their employees with flexibility that ultimately increases their productivity. Imagine being anywhere in the world and being able to work as if you are sitting in your office. It is possible and TechFarmer can accomplish this task for you.

Connecting multiple offices, cities and counties can be a very nerve-racking and expensive solution. TechFarmer utilizes proven technologies that reduce total cost and provide the best possible solution. We work with standardized technologies to create the optimum solution for your organization.
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If you lost data and could not recover information vital to your business, would you be able to resume operations?  How much time, energy, or money would you be willing to forfeit in the event you cannot recover data?  Your data and content is important and must be protected.  There are many ways to solve this problem.  Tapes are archaic.  Backups should be performed using disks, network storage arrays, or continuous data protection devices.  Online or cloud backup is a supplementary solution to local backup scenarios.  TechFarmer uses multiple back up technologies to ensure tested, verified and efficient backup procedures.
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Disaster Recovery
Data needs to be protected. There could be a situation where a tape backup or archive is just not good enough. TechFarmer's disaster recovery solutions will provide a security blanket for your data. There are many ways to provide disaster recovery, but the best solution is to mirror your data in real time to an off-site location. This is truly the only way it should be done. Disaster recovery is measured by your ability to resume day-to-day operations of your business in a timely manner should a disaster occur. In the event of a disaster, your data should be the least of your worries. TechFarmer can provide anything from simple off-site storage in real time, to complete off-site infrastructures for your entire organization. What this means is that you will have off-site storage of your data within a specified time interval. This interval could be once a day, or every five minutes. It's all up to you.
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CIO / CTO Services
Chief Information Officer / Chief Technical Officer
Why are these roles important?  Depending on the size of your company, you may or may not have these roles individually assigned or developed.  Where many companies fail in regards to IT is understanding the costs in the short, medium and long terms.  Understanding the cost, longevity, and the business case for your IT systems is important.  Couple all of that with the best return on investment and IT strategic planning and you have what CIO's, and CTO's do every day.  For many companies, hiring for that position is very expensive.  We offer these services as an outsourced or retainer type program.  This will allow you have the highest level of information and expertise to help manage your Information Technologies. 

Board of Directors involvement.  We work with corporate boards, Board of Directors, and Board of Managers to educate, as well as evaluate and propagate technologies to meet business objectives and goals.  Many of the boards we have worked with thrive on education and enablement to achieve the direction of the board.  TechFarmer's management team are well seasoned veterans working with boards of varying capacities in meeting their education and direction needs. 
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Staff Augmentation
We work with existing IT departments and IT based service companies.  Some of TechFarmer's clients have a full time IT person, or even departments.  We assist these businesses with backup coverage, coverage out of their existing skill set, and someone to call when things go way wrong.  We also provide a three dimensional skill set to test and approve unknown or proven technologies for these organizations.    Many budgets for many companies are stressed and simply hiring an additional resource is not an option and often times unnecessary.  Let TechFarmer assist your IT staff or department and witness some incredible results.
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Historically and currently there are just so many technologies and often times too many choices.  The time is upon us that even though we have this freedom, there are no longer issues resulting from so many different platforms.  Operating systems are more of a thing of the past.  Applications and functionality are more in the forefront and application delivery is now more important than what operating system to have.  Technologies are converging to a centralized goal.  We can show you how this is of benefit to your organization, your employees, and what your business has to gain as a result.
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Internet and Data Services
Does your company need Internet connectivity or other various types of data connection services?  From 1Mbps to 100Mbps and beyond, we can help get you the connectivity you need.  The greatest benefit to you is that we will go out and acquire all of the necessary information and costs.  This information will also be provided from multiple vendors and connectivity types.  You can then select the most appropriate option to determine the best connectivity for you.  Connecting multiple offices via private MPLS networks is also not a problem.  We can get you any network connectivity you need from any provider.  In some cases it is the same price as going direct; however, in many cases it can be cheaper.  Also, we talk the talk and can take the confusion away from ordering connectivity.
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Website Design
We can help with your next website design project.  Thinking of moving your existing website into a content management system?  This will allow non-technical people to update content on the site without the need for a developer.  Need to take a different approach to the layout or the architecture of the site?  Websites are not just informational anymore.  They are an extension of your business as well as an extension of technology for your business and are often attached to business workflow.  We can keep up with a great look and feel for your brand as well as deliver a site that is functional and usable.   
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Search Engine Optimization
Need to get your website seen or heard?  SEO are the theories and methodologies of the Search Engine worlds of Google, Bing and Yahoo to get your sites or pages listed organically and inorganically.  If your customers can't find you, you are missing opportunities and losing potential revenue.  We work with top content creators and optimizers to ensure you are getting the highest benefit for your marketing dollar.
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Communication Systems
Do you need a new or replacement phone system?  How about a Voice Over IP (VOIP) solution.  What about maintaining existing systems?  We work with vendor agnostic companies to create beneficial solutions.  Maybe you just need someone to guide you through the maze of current and upcoming technologies.  What about a hosted or cloud based telephone system?  There are many options and possibilities and TechFarmer can assist you in selecting the right theology and technology for your business. 
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Vendor Arbitration
Sometimes a third party needs to come in and evaluate a situation that may have gotten out of control. In most cases challenges such as this can be resolved before going to a court of law. It is not typical that both parties involved are totally dissatisfied with the whole situation, only pieces, and quite often this situation is a result of missed expectations or unrealistic goals. TechFarmer will get involved and act as mediator while gathering information. Once all information has been gathered and evaluated, both sides will have a chance to voice their concerns as well as what they believe to be the problem. Weighing both sides of the situation, TechFarmer will come up with a solution or a compromise so all parties involved can feel closure with the situation and get on with business. This is a last resort to remedy a problem before legal action is taken. We provide a completely independent, unbiased resolution.
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Network Cabling
Need Cat5, or Cat6 lines ran for expansions or repairs?  How about fiber runs?  We can meet all of your low voltage needs and requirements.  We also have electricians available for your power needs.  In this manner we can take care of all of your wiring needs. 
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We recycle all technological based equipment for a small fee to cover the transfer, and break down into re-usable base materials. We use an EOL (end of life) recycler that breaks it down into is base materials, ie, plastics, metals. They separate these materials and reintroduce into the manufacturing chain. We ensure this technology does not end up in a trash heap in China or India, and we have ensured that the breakdown process is happening here in the United States.
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...Anything Else
Maybe you ended up here because nothing above seems to fit.  Maybe you have exhausted every contact, website and research you have performed.  Maybe you are just unsure about many things technology related.  Please give us a call.  If your needs are very specific, we can probably help you.  If not, we will be able to point you in the correct direction.  Please do not hesitate to contact us. 
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